Why are tigers in trouble?

Habitat Loss

Description of habitat loss
“Paper Tiger, Hidden Dragons”,(opens new window) the intimate connection between tigers and illegal logging in Indonesia (6/26/01)
“Hazaribagh—Land of a Thousand Tigers.” A massive world Bank–funded mining expansion is threatening the habitat of India’s tigers.
50 Indian Tragedies…in the making, an open letter to the Prime Minister of India about ecological degradation of India’s wildlife reserves
Melghat Tiger Reserve update (8/30/99)

Saving the Tigers in Goa (a report from the August 1999 issue of Sanctuary Magazine)

Poaching & the Trade in Tiger Parts

Why do people poach tigers?
What are tiger parts used for?
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Reports on the Trade in Tiger Parts

Japan Wildlife Conservation Society Tiger Report, June, 2001 (opens new window)
Far from a Cure: The Tiger Trade Revisited, The latest in a series of reports on the tiger trade from TRAFFIC. A press release, the executive summary and the full report in pdf form are available at the TRAFFIC web site. Published March 2000. (opens new window)
The State of the Tiger – India’s Tiger Crisis, Environmental Investigation Agency March, 1999
“Tigers and Terrorism,” by Bittu Sahgal (the cover story for the June 1999 issue of Sanctuary Asia magazine)
Tiger Progress? The Response to CITES Resolution Conf. 9.13, published May 1997
A World Apart? Attitudes Toward Traditional Chinese Medicine and Endangered Species in Hong Kong and the United States (will open new window)
Killed for a Cure, a monograph published jointly by Traffic and the IUCN Cat Specialist Group
While Supplies Last: The Sale of Tiger and other Endangered Species Medicines in North America
Fashioned for Extinction: An expose of the shatoosh shawl trade, which endangers chiru antelopes and tigers

Reports on poaching

India’s Tiger Poaching Crisis”
“Tiger Poaching Statistics of India from January 1994 to May 1997”

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