South China Tigers

Dramatic decline of wild South China tigers Panthera tigris amoyensis: field survey of priority tiger reserves (Abstract), Oryx (2004), 38:40-47 Cambridge University Press
“Saving” the South China tiger and the release of tigers into the wild in South Africa: an alternative viewpoint from prominent South African and international conservation organisations (Endangered Wildlife Trust, WWF-SA and the Wildlife and Environment Society of SA and senior scientists from SAN Parks) posted November 6, 2003

Save China’s Tigers, a charity organization, sponsors the Chinese Tiger Reintroduction Project. You can read about the plan and its long-term goals at

The South China Tiger Protection Program

Program description
South China Tiger Field Survey: Jiangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hunan and Hubei Provinces, P.R. China, Final Report submitted to US Fish and Wildlife Service, Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Fund, Grant: 98210-1-G808 (opens pdf file)
Notes from the field, accounts of a survey of South China tiger reserves from March to November 2001

A report of the South China Tiger Workshop (pdf file) held in Longyan City, Fujian Province during 19-21 March 2001, hosted by the State Forestry Administration (SFA), P.R. China

China Action Plan for Saving the South China Tiger, October 2000 (opens a pdf file)
The decline and impending extinction of the South China tiger, reproduced from Oryx 31(4):243–252, 1997.
South China Tiger Nutrition Workshop, 1999

South China Tiger Masterplan

Chinese Zoo Survey, 1995, an account of the trip that produced the report below, including pictures

Medical, Reproductive and Mangement Evaluation of South China Tigers in China, Shanghai, Suzhou, Chongquing and Guangzhou Zoos, November 1995

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