Wild Tigers: Bengal Tigers

A synopsis of projects supported by the Save The Tiger Fund in the Indian subcontinent

Reports from some of the projects:

Operation Eye of the Tiger, Corbett Tiger Reserve
Centre for Wildlife Studies, Distribution/Dynamics of Tiger & Prey Populations
Wildlife Conservation Society, Karnataka Tiger Conservation-I, II, III (opens pdf file)
World Wildife Fund, Tiger Conservation Enhancement in Bhutan, 2000–2001

Wildlife Institute of India

Tiger Ecology in Panna National Park, Second Progress Report July 1997
Tigers in Panna: Conservation Prospects in a Semi-Arid Habitat in India
Wildlife Protection Society of India

India’s Tiger Poaching Crisis
India Commits to Halting Shahtoosh Trade
Fashioned for Extinction—an expose of the trade in tiger parts and chiru antelope to fuel the demand for “ring” shawls

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