Amur (Siberian) Tigers

A Monitoring Program for the Amur Tiger, Fifth-year report: 2001–2002 to Save The Tiger Fund: Project 2003-0087-017, Wildlife Conservation Society, Russian NGOs and Reserves, WWF (pdf files)

Zov Taigi: Hunter Outreach and Euducation in Russian Far East [ Report to the Save The Fund: Project No. 2002-0301-036, January 10, 2004]

Phoenix Fund: Siberian Tiger Protection, 2003 [Report to the Save The Tiger Fund: Project No. 2002-0301-034]

Scent Dog Monitoring of Amur Tigers II, March 2002 to March 2003

International Workshop to Develop a Recovery Plan for the Wild Amur Tiger Population in Northeast China, 2000

Safety in Numbers: Review of the Breeding Center for Felidae at Hengdaohezi, by Kirsten Conrad, February 2000

The Siberian Tiger Project

Siberian Tiger Project: research and action, a two-pronged approach Jan–Dec 2002 (pdf file)
A Habitat Protection Plan for Amur Tiger Conservation
Siberian Tiger Project’s May 1998 Report to Save the Tiger Fund
Tigris Foundation: Field trip to the Russian Far East and China (October-November 2000)

E.N. Smirnov, “100 episodes of meeting with tiger,” 2000, English translation

Evgeny Nikolaevitch Smirnov is a biologist and a writer. This book contains stories told by many people who under different circumstances encountered tigers in the Far East taiga of Russia.

For more English translations of Russian texts, see

Phoenix Fund

Operation Amba II – Siberian Tiger Protection Efforts in 2002 The Phoenix Fund (pdf file)
CITES Operation in 2002 (pdf file)
Tiger Response Team Improvement

Numbers, Distribution and Habitat Status of The Amur Tiger,
E.N. Matyllshkin, et al. (6/14/97) (opens new window)

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