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United States Legislation
The Captive Wildlife Safety Act—12/19/03: Signed into law by the President as Public Law No. 108-191.

Bill Number: S. 269 & H.R. 1006
Bill Sponsor(s): S. 269: Sens. James Jeffords (I-VT) and John Ensign (R-NV)
H.R. 1006: Reps. Howard "Buck" McKeon (R-CA) and George Miller (D-CA)
HSUS Position: Support

Bars the interstate and foreign commerce of dangerous exotics—including lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars and cougars—for use as pets. The bill would not ban all private ownership of prohibited species; rather, it would outlaw the commerce of these animals for use as pets.

Text, Status and Cosponsors for S. 269 (opens new window)
Text, Status and Cosponsors for H.R. 1006 (opens new window)

Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Act

What is the The Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Act of 1994?

Website devoted to information on this act and protecting species used in Traditional East Asian Medicine:http://www.tcmwildlife.org/
House votes to renew rhino and tiger conservation programs (6/25/01)
1998 Amendments to the rhinoceros and tiger conservation act of 1994 to prohibit the sale, importation, and exportation of products labeled as containing substances derived from rhinoceros or tiger
Testimony of the USFWS Deputy Director in support of the Labeling Amendment

United States Policy

"Zoos are being asked by irresponsible owners to relocate displaced and unwanted animals, and sanctuaries from Oregon to Zimbabwe are desperate to find them homes." From the AZA's Communique "Call of the Wild"—with a summary of state regulations on wild animal ownership [opens a pdf file in a new window--if this link does not work, go to http://www.aza.org/Publications/, then click on the May 2001 issue, and in that issue click Feature]

The USDA's position statement Large Wild and Exotic Cats Make Dangerous Pets [opens a pdf file]
International Policy & Legislation

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)

A CITES priority: Conservation of Tigers and other Asian Big Cats
TRAFFIC AND WWF briefing document, October 2002 (opens pdf file in new window)

The Report of the CITES Tiger Mission Tiger Team presented at the 42nd meeting of the Standing Committee, September 28 to October 1, 1999, is available on the CITES web site under CITES Bodies, Standing Committee, 42nd Meeting, SC 42.10.3, SC 42.10.4 [opens new window, PDF file]

Tiger Progress? The Response to CITES Resolution Conf. 9.13 (Analyses Tiger-related legislation, enforcement and conservation activities undertaken by 29 selected countries and territories since 1994.)

What is CITES?

IUCN Red List Categories

What is the IUCN?
What are the Red Lists?
IUCN Red List Threatened Species Categories